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The Short Answer

Health and the Computer

Want to get more out of your marketing $$? Be where your customers are!

Let's face it, like any small business owner, when we put our advertising dollar on the table, we want to know that it is going to actually get us in front of our target customers.

So, let's cut right to the chase and get to the important stats:

  • Traffic is up! Over 1.8 million unique visitors in 2008, to over 2.7 million visitors so far in 2012 (Dec 2, 2012);
  • over 70% of our traffic is 'repeats & referrals' - this is a site people bookmark and share with their friends;
  • The average visitor saw 5.36 pages per visit - and remember, that's factoring in the people who only wanted a phone number and hit one page;
  • We're well-placed in search engines for thousands of desirable phrases and terms (see the right panel for more details);
  • We have partnerships and promotion in other media to drive even more traffic;
  • We are constantly fine-tuning and adding to the site to keep it relevant and interesting.

What does that mean for you? An interested, active, educated audience - or in other words more business.

How do we know it works? You should see the "Please make it stop" emails we get from the new people with the telephone numbers when practitioners don't keep their contact info updated. We consider them to be an indirect form of testimonial to the effectiveness of the site.

Detailed stats are accessible through the top right panel, and when you are ready to get your business promoted, just click on the Get Listed link on the left.

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The Long Answer

By now you have seen the stats.

You know that complementary and alternative care use is on the increase. 70% of Canadians are researching their health alternatives online and you want to be found when they are looking - that's the old "Yellow Pages" principle, though fewer and fewer people are reaching for a phone book.

You also know that it isn't enough to just build a website and hope people find it.

The Reality: Marketing online can be hard work.

Making your choice

What's the point of a beautiful website that draws few or no visitors? True search engine specialists are expensive, and learning the process is time-consuming. When you are running your own business, you don't have the time to devote to learning the ins and outs of the process.

Are you missing out on your share of the thousands of people searching for your product or service every day?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • If someone doesn't already know my business name, can they find me online?
  • Can they find me by searching for the products or services I offer?
  • Can they find me by my town name or a local area postal code search?
  • Can someone give my website daily or even weekly attention and effort?
  • Is there someone I can rely on to handle this end of my business?
  • Will they know the intricacies of this market?
  • Can it be done without costing me a fortune? can help you answer "yes" to all of these questions. We have options for all budgets!

We are the Complementary and Holistic Healthcare Internet specialists. And aren't you looking to market yourself online with the people who understand the Internet the best?

How do we do it?

Every last one of our pages is accessible to search engines and designed to feature the town and specialty of your business. We focus specifically on driving business to our clients. And, you can list your business under every modality offered at your location.

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But Wait!
(Always wanted to say that...)

Before you read further, we invite you to compare us to our competition at third party sites. Each link points to the result for, you can enter any other directory name in to see what their numbers are.

  1. Count the number of pages accessible to search engines at Google (over 40,000 results for
  2. Compare usage with's website tracking tool results at
  3. Compare traffic at

Whether you want to get your online presence running quickly using our web site templates, or you have a designer you prefer to work with, we have packages that include hosting, email, and even custom design. You also get the added recognition and credibility with searchers of being

What are your options?

If you have a website...

  1. But it's hosted under a generic domain name (Sympatico, Rogers, Telus, etc.). Moving to gives you instant recognition as belonging to this specialized industry.
  2. You have your own domain. Well then, simply purchase a link from your basic listing to your website. It bumps you up in the results, and an entire year costs less than a tiny ad in the Yellow Pages costs for three months!

If you haven't got a website...

  1. You can pay a designer to create a website for you* and host it here getting the full benefit of the recognition factor of the domain name, and the regularity of our search engine work. (Check out the subdomain benefits - search engines see you as a distinct website, and you get the ranking and credibility of our main site! Imagine what that will do for you in the results order!)
  2. You can pay a designer to create a website for you* and purchase a link to your website from your directory listing.
  3. Or you can use our easy to use toolkit and have a website up and running in under an hour! (That is assuming you have your content ready.) No hassle figuring out where to host the site, or choosing a designer. You select your template, and enter the content! You also get email with your account - you choose whether you want to forward your new NHC address to your old account, or pick up mail at home, or via our web interface.

* A web designer/developer will cost you anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands depending on what you want - and what you are willing to pay. We can provide tips and recommendations for you, but we don't create sites for clients.

Ready to get listed?

What's Next?

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Need more information?

You can email us with your questions, or see Payment Options page for pricing information or our Statistics and Analysis page for information on the visitors to NHC.





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