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Before you download anything from the internet, always check with a third party service to make sure it is safe.

Here is a link to our McAfee Site Advisor Analysis page: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/naturalhealthcare.ca/. It contains up to date analysis of the files we offer.

Living Well the Natural Way

Living Well the Natural Way

The first in a series of books written by practitioners and researchers from NaturalHealthcare.ca and edited by Heather Anne Wakeling, Living Well the Natural Way is an ebook with an overview of concepts involved in living a healthier life - from simple acupressure techniques to an understanding of the vitamins your body needs on a daily basis.

Available both electronically or as a paperback from Amazon, you can download the ebook at this link here - or read more information about the edition here.

RSI Saver

Screen capture: RSI Saver

Starting to get that numb or tingly feeling in your arm or wrist when you sit at the computer? RSI Saver will remind you to take a break, and give you a quick exercise to do. (More information on RSI.) Some of the exercises are RSI-specific, others are general "wellness" breaks.

You can set the timer to the interval of your choice, but we suggest leaving it at the default 25 minutes. There is also a function to update the database of exercises, and to visit NaturalHealthcare.ca


  1. Be sure to update your database of exercises regularly, as new ones will be added, and updates to the older ones will be made. Version 2.0 will include photographs.
  2. The list of exercises contained in the current db is available at Current Exercises for your perusal. (XML Format)
  3. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see in later versions (release 2 will have photographs of the exercises), please feel free to email them to suggestions@naturalhealthcare.ca.

Workplace Wellness Program tools

Photo: Free Downloadable tools to support your program

These free downloadable tools are here to help you establish your Workplace wellness program. They include posters promoting different benefits of healthy living, plus scorecards to help implement Health Challenges in the workplace (and at home).

They work hand and hand with the advice presented in the Workplace Wellness section of the site.

The PDF tools work best with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or later.

We also provide pre-printed copies of the posters for $8 each. You can also choose to order the Workplace Wellness Program Starter Kit for $125 which consists of: 5 posters of your choosing, (coming shortly are the Smoking Cessation poster and the Work-life Balance poster); 2 hard copy starter questionnaires plus a workplace ID code which allows you to use the online questionnaire, tabulate the results and have them emailed directly to you; 10 copies of the challenge scorecards (mix them as you want) either the dry erase version or scorepads; 10 wellness bookmarks; and our guide to wellness programs. To enquire about pre-printed copies email us at ww@naturalhealthcare.ca

Physical Activity Poster

Preview poster (opens in new window, your browser may resize to fit window, click bottom right corner icon to enlarge)

Healthy Snacking Poster

Preview poster (opens in new window, your browser may resize to fit window, click bottom right corner icon to enlarge)

Emergency and First Aid Poster

Preview poster (opens in new window, your browser may resize to fit window, click bottom right corner icon to enlarge)

Larger versions of the posters are available for professional printing. To get a copy, or to enquire about pre-printed copies email us at ww@naturalhealthcare.ca

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